Our Story

Ballroom champions David Nyemchek Sr., Suzy Nyemchek and Steve Brockman founded Just Dancing in 1987.  In more than three decades, it has trained hundreds and hundreds of social and competitive dancers, earning a top-shelf reputation regionally and nationally as St. Louis’s preeminent studio teaching ballroom, rhythm, swing and other dances.

Our Story - FoundersOur founders: Steve Brockman, Suzy Nyemchek,
and David Nyemchek Sr.

Your hosts: Just Dancing | Studio St. Louis owners Brian and Natalie Ames

We were fortunate, after relocating from Chicago to St. Louis, to find Just Dancing and continue our exciting dance journey there. Celebrating our own passion for dancing, we purchased the studio in 2019. Acknowledging Dave’s, Suzy’s and Steve’s amazing accomplishment in Just Dancing – and its superb group of teachers – we know that we are truly “standing on the shoulders of giants.”

In addition to its many health and social benefits, we love dancing because it is joyful and beautiful.  And our world needs more joy, more beauty, even if it is just “one step at a time.”  Dancing unites us, and lifts our spirits together.  Bringing this elegant and classy artform and sport to more people is our studio’s primary goal.

Come join us; we cannot wait to meet – and dance – with you.

Brian and Natalie Ames
Just Dancing | Studio St. Louis

Important to Us



Policies and practices that are teacher-friendly and allow us to field the best teaching faculty.


Effective, efficient curriculum and opportunities that meet students’ personal goals.



Solidarity with other dance studios as practitioners of the art; friendly competition with them as practitioners of the sport.


A superb, clean and safe studio equipped with high-end dance-floor, sound, and tools to facilitate learning.


An ethically-run, well-governed, growing business that is a good neighbor to everyone

Our Teachers

Just Dancing Studio features some of the best teachers in the country. Not only are they award-winning dancers, but they’re also great teachers and fun people.

Our Professional Couples

Senzo Makhaye and Agnieszka Strojek

David Nyemchek, Jr. and Maysen Wilder

Jonathan Wolfgram and Danyelle Morley

Top Studio Honors

St. Louis Star Ball 2019, 2020 and 2021

King’s Ball 2021

Florida Star Ball 2021

Platinum Dancesport Classic 2017

Heart of America Dancesport Championships 2012 and 2014

Twin Cities Open Ballroom Championships 2014

Honors and Accolades

The World Pro-Am Dancesport Series, made up of more than 90 global competitions, placed Just Dancing Studio in its Top 25 at No. 21 – of over 4,000 of the world’s dance studios. In addition, in a field of thousands of competitors worldwide, Just Dancing had a top 10 male student, top 20 amateur couple, top 50 bronze female student, and top 200 male teacher in this Series’ rankings.

In 2021, Dance Vision Circuit ranked Just Dancing Studio at No. 8 of almost 4,000 participating dancesport schools worldwide. Other DVC achievements for Just Dancing include the No. 3 bronze male student in a field of almost 600, the No. 3 female teacher (Top 30 overall teacher of over 2,000), a Top 50 bronze female student in a field of 2,300, and the Top 20 amateur couple of more than 1,500 couples.

Just Dancing Studio had the Dancers Cup Tour’s top overall teacher, top female teacher, top female student and top male student in 2021. Just Dancing had DCT’s top male student and top female teacher in 2019. DCT is an association of more than a dozen dancesport competitions across the U.S.

A Just Dancing student represented the Dancers Cup Tour, competing at Ohio Star Ball in 2019’s 46-competition finale for the annual “Best of the Best” dancesport challenge.

In the 2021 U.S. Dance Championships, a Just Dancing Pro/Am couple earned a National Champion title in American Smooth dancing; and Just Dancing Pro/Am couples ranked 7th and 9th in “Open to the World” 9-Dance competition.

Expertise awarded Just Dancing Studio teachers an A+ rating, one of only three of St. Louis’s 100 dance schools with this top rating. Expertise scored dance teachers in more than 25 variables in reputation, credibility, experience, availability and professionalism. Its research and selection process identifies the top service providers in over 200 different industries across the top cities in the United States.